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Kate Ritama Rudder

For me touch is one of the most wonderful human qualities. Through touch we each have a sense of our world and everything in it. Through touch there is also the potential for our bodies to heal, relax and eliminate dis - ease.


I started being involved in complementary therapies over 23 years ago, firstly as an Acupuncturist. Through acupuncture I was introduced to the idea of the internal energy and energy pathways, and to the work of Zero Balancing (hands on body work.) By using my hands directly through touch I have discovered how powerfully nourishing this communication between people is.


As well as Zero Balancing, I am qualified in Indian Head Massage, Hand, arm and leg massage, and Reiki.  

When I am not working with people I work as a gardener.


Zero Balancing

Zero Balancing is gentle yet powerful hands on body work.  Zero Balancing is based on the understanding that energy exists as a force within our body, with its own anatomy, its own function and its own disorders. Work is done on both the structure of the body and with the internal energy.

Fully clothed a client will lie on the couch.  Using light finger pressure and held stretches, Zero Balancing invites the release of accumulated tensions within deep parts of the body.  Zero Balancing provides a stillness around which the body can relax, giving an opportunity to let go of unease allowing the body to reorganise, and integrate.

Zero Balancing is a non diagnostic therapy, and as with all complimentary therapies is not a substitute for medical health care. Suitable for all ages, there are areas where it can be especially useful, with flexibility and posture, stress reduction, body pain, reparative touch , general wellbeing  A zero balancing session leaves you  with a wonderful feeling of well -ness  promoting a deep sense of emotional and physical harmony, allowing our own natural healing process to work more effectively.

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The word Reiki means ‘universal life energy’. Reiki is a simple technique for transferring healing energy from a giver to a receiver. The tradition of Reiki is referred to in 2500 year old writings in sanscrit, the ancient Indian language. More recently the Usui system of Reiki has emerged from Japan, over 100 years ago and the knowledge has been handed down since that time.

A treatment consists of the client sitting/ lying down and hands are laid on certain areas of the body. Reiki not only promotes your physical harmony but also can have a positive effect on your emotional and spiritual equilibrium. After a session a person can feel refreshed, relaxed clearer and more content.

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Indian Head Massage/ Champissage

Traditionally head massage is practised by women in India, usually it is restricted to the head and hair, today work is also done on the neck, shoulders and upper arms. It is a safe, simple and effective therapy that provides relief from aches and pains also promoting hair growth. The aim is to aid the release of stress and tensions accumulated in the tissues, muscles and joints of the head, face neck and shoulders.

Not only giving relief to physical tensions but also allowing mental and emotional tension to be eased. With the client comfortably seated, the work done with or without oils.

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Hand, arm and leg massage.

This is a gentle session for those who do not wish for a full body massage but enjoy touch, and relaxation.  Usually done lying on couch...even though it may be done seated for those less able, (clothing may be rolled up )the client receives gentle massage to arm, hand and leg, soothing and gently stretching, opening and relaxing .  A calm treatment that allows the client to let go, be still and at the same time feel energised

For all of these above treatments I suggest wearing loose comfortable clothing.  All the treatments are done over clothing, with the exception of the arm massage where clothing may be rolled up.