Be @ One


Robyn Silverton


This hands-on session offers you the opportunity to restore balance in your body, mind, emotions and liberation in your spirit.


Through careful listening to both your story and body, Robyn will be able to highlight the areas in which your energy is blocked and explore the underlying reasons for those restrictions.


Then through gentle touch, stretch, tissue release techniques and visualisation, you will be invited to open up at every layer of your being.  


As you gain this new found space, you will be extra receptive to clear intuitive guidance on the concerns that you came for.


By the end of the session you will be ready to implement the most important changes required to move forwards healthier, happier and with the awareness and freedom to be your truest self.


For appointments please contact Robyn:

- 07775724256



Cost : initial 1hour session - £60  follow up - £50